Class Refund Policy
100% if you notify us 48 hours prior to the first class, 50% if you notify us 48 hours prior to the second class, no refund after that.

Bad Weather Policy

To check on cancellations call studio and press 7. If classes are cancelled due to weather one time, no make-up class will be planned. If classes are canceled due to weather more than once, make up class will be scheduled or $10 will be credited toward the next session.

Special Event Transfer and Refund Policy

Registrants may not transfer registration to another. We maintain waiting lists for classes and vacated spots are given to those on waiting list first. If cancellation is necessary by registrant full refunds are available if we are informed 48 hrs. prior to start of event . After that time no refunds available.

We are very excited to offer you the opportunity to dance / exercise on our Gerstung Air-Flex floor. It is specially designed to take care of your legs and feet . We ask that you help us, in turn, to help preserve the quality and integrity of its surface.

The Avalon Studio Shoe Policy

1. Please remember to carry your dance/exercise shoes into the sudio when you arrive. Small bits of sand, gravel, glass ( and in the winter months, salt ) can become inbedded in your soles even in the short walk from your car. Just wiping your feet off as you enter will not always remedy this.

2. Please assign a pair of shoes, preferably soft soled, to be used strictly for use on the dance floor or other indoor uses. Leather soles may have small nails that become raised as the shoes age, so please be careful of this if your dance shoes have a leather sole.

We appreciate your cooperation.